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Ilana Golan

Entrepreneur & Venture Capital

Driving products to market while growing relationships with key partners and customers.

Ehud Waizer

Chief UX & Design Officer

Driving product strategy and business development to deliver outstanding results.

Reuven Shelef

Managing Consulting & Exec. Mentorship

Leading corporations and startups through growth in smart mobility and connected service industries.

Amichai Lesser

Sales & GTM Executive

Bringing clarity to CxO's, investors, and teams.

Aliza Peleg

Business Operations Executive

Guiding companies through strategy development and acquisitions.

Susan Lansing

Corporate Marketing Executive

Driving results and reducing risks for software industry startups and enterprises.

Marc Canabou

Product Management Executive


Sagi Paz

Corporate Strategy & Venture Capital


Shelly Nir

Business Development


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