Copia Growth Partners is a group with over 75 years of combined executive and hands-on experience in the Systems, Semiconductor and Embedded Software industries focusing on the industry’s highest growth applications and enabling technologies. This includes applications in automotive, data center, robotics, factory automation, medical diagnostics, surveillance, security and communications that leverage machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, accelerated cloud and fog computing, 5G, IoT, and blockchain. We have over 25 successful advisory engagements since 2007, leveraging our experience in Strategy & Corporate Advisory, Business Development, and M&A.

At Copia Growth Partners we believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We assist them through the complete process of analyzing their current business, refining their strategy, positioning their company, products and services, helping manage their business development, establishing key partnerships, and providing more effective communication to potential investors and liquidity options through merger and acquisition.

Unlocking Strategic Value

In partnering with Copia Growth Partners, the team will help you with an outside-in perspective of the highest growth industry trends and customer needs, and how you can maximize your value in that context. The team will then help you consider options and initiatives to capture that value, position yourself in the industry and relative to competitors, and communicate your strategy effectively to all internal and external audiences.

Driving Revenue Growth

We bring real-world industry experience in accelerating revenue growth, from start-up companies with a few people and little to no sales, to public companies with many thousands of people and $Bs of revenue. The team brings a unique combination of marketing, sales enablement, business development, partnerships, R&D and engineering operating experience. Our hands-on approach to revenue growth provides you with a trusted advisor and business accelerator.

Realizing the Maximum Value

Our team has a broad base of experience helping technology companies realize their maximum value when engaging with strategic partners, investors or prospective acquirers. We can help clients quickly and effectively evaluate organic and inorganic growth, financing and liquidity options and realize the maximum value for the company and its technology. We leverage a wealth of experience in corporate development and investment banking, helping companies as seller, buyer and financial advisors on numerous M&A and financing transactions.